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“Birthday deals on March 2017 !”


                                   🍿🍷🎂🍺💃🍧🍿🍷Today is your birthday!  🎂🍺💃🍧🍿🍷🎂🍺

                                                          Come and celebrate your birthday with us! 

In the ENTIRE month of April, we provide you a free ESCAPE ROOM experience on the day of your birthday. 

There are a few terms & conditions you need to know before you make the booking: 

1) You need to bring your ID to identify yourself. 

2) This offer is only valid on the day of your birthday. 

3) You need to book with at least 4 people in your group. 

4) Only the birthday boy/girl can enjoy the game for free, the rest of the group still need to pay for the game. 

5) This offer ends on 30/04/2017

6) We reserve the right to modify and withdraw our offer without the prior notice.