Escape room game Sydney

Escape room game Sydney

A 1956 novel by Arthur C. Clarke called the City and the Stars contrasted two different societies. One society lived in isolation from the natural world, and though technologically advanced they remain stagnant. The other lived in harmony with the natural world, but never developed their technology past a certain point. While the book mostly focuses on other events and ideas one interesting point is that neither one of these societies could progress without some of the ideas from another society. An isolated system soon gets stuck in a rut.

Individuals can find they get struck in a rut with their life. This rut can be comfortable or frustrating, but either way it is a limit. We feel better if we break free from a rut, though this may initially feel uncomfortable. Of course the most obvious way to break free from a rut is to try something new.


Escape room Sydney

An escape room is one way to briefly exist in a different reality. It might be a realistic situation, or a completely supernatural one. But either way it forces us to think outside our usual habits. This give us a sense that the world is bigger than our life and our present experience.

An escape room puzzle, like the better computer adventure games, will show there is more to human thinking than analytical reasoning. Really challenging puzzles use creativity, lateral thinking, word and concept associations, general knowledge, and perhaps other ways of thinking. Perhaps more than anything escape rooms require team work.

Escape rooms are popular for social events, but also company team building exercises. Solving puzzles with friends and colleagues helps us see strengths and limits in other and ourselves. Combining strengths with teamwork is insightful and useful. We become less isolated as individuals, hopefully seeing that we are part of something bigger.


Consider an escape room adventure, to get a little bit of a different perspective on life.