Many popular stories and video games work on the premise of a group of people escaping an enclosed situation. Escape rooms cater to the appeal of this scenario, only it’s a lot more engaging when played out in real life!

Escape Room Games Sydney

A small group of people are locked in a room. The only way out is hidden, with the group using hidden clues to find the solution. They only have one hour. Rooms are arranged according to a scenario, with the clues fitting this theme. Like a detectives solving a mystery or an explorers seeking a lost relic the group put together the pieces of the adventure, using logic puzzles, riddles, intuition and the occasional physical challenge. Escape room games bring out some strong primal emotions in the participants; it’s quite a visceral experience. We feel more alive when engaged at so many physical and mental levels; and it’s more emotional when we know the clock is ticking, when our escape depends on our ability to figure out the clues. The emotions we feel when watching a film or playing a video game often make the fictional experience seem almost real. The sense of immersion is strong, making for a real adrenaline rush. There is never any real danger, just the sense that one must escape.

Escape Room Sydney

Escape rooms are great for building a sense of bonding between group members. As well as pushing all our mental and emotion buttons escape rooms show how dependant we are on other group members. Humans have a strong urge to find the missing pieces in their picture of the world. This is enjoyable even when it frustrates us. Being part of a group that solves a mystery is quite an adventure. These are the type of experinces that we remember strongly.