Escape room game Sydney

Escape room game Sydney
Live entertainment comes in several forms. Watching somebody else perform a concert, comedy routine or participate in a sport is one branch of this. Other branches of entertainment require us to participate. We ride rollercoasters, participate in sport or musical performances. Many would say this participation is superior to mere spectating; possibly this is said out of political correctness. One form of participation entertainment that has grown increasingly popular in recent years is the escape room.

Escape rooms are not mere escapism, not in the sense that an amusement park ride is pure physical sensation and adrenalin. Rather, it is a combination of many things that we find entertaining.

-Analytical – figure out a puzzle, or a whole series of them.

-Use different ways of thinking. Be lateral, seeing how things fit together in unorthodox ways.

-Use the entire brain.
Feel alive

-Experience Dionysian (visceral, physical sensation) and Apollonian (intricate order and structure) simultaneously.

-Social – work with your friends.

-Bond with teammates

-Understand that others see things that you missed, and vice versa.

-Be creative. No problems is solved with a pre-existing answer.

-Experience somebody else’s mindset – hopefully the character of the fictional setting.

-Focus – be completely in the situation for an hour. Forget the rest of the world

-The satisfaction of Achieving a goal

Escapism works by taking us out of the general flow of our lives and allows us to spend time lost in another pursuit. All the better if we learn something in the process.

Escape room Sydney

Escape rooms require some effort; you can’t just observe. But the effort is gratifying, even if it does come from gratifying an initial frustration. The same could be said about winning at sport or solving any problem. It’s getting over a hurdle, enjoying the journey, and being better for the experience


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